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Our Core Values

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Our Operating Model

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Our Mission

We develop technology-driven solutions to enable anyone to live joyfully and meaningfully – on their own terms.

The Foundation assembled an unprecedented coalition of world-class experts and passionate visionaries who believe in a universal right to thrive. Together, we drive forward ambitious research and create breakthrough accessibility technology that empowers countless potential users. We are building a brighter future for everyone.

Together, we mean to change everything…

Reimagining disability

ALS/MND has been called the cruelest death sentence: Your brain remains fully alert and aware that one-by-one the disease is shutting down every single muscle in your body, until you can no longer move, eat, speak, or even breathe. If you don’t die of starvation, then you’ll die of suffocation when the muscles that expand your lungs become paralyzed.

This dire prognosis remains dominant, unfathomably discouraging, and fundamentally false.

Yes, ALS/MND progression is brutal and does not have a true “cure” – but you CAN live a rich, fulfilling, and rewarding life. You can thrive. We can help.


MND was the catalyst for our founders' radical reimagining of extreme disability  – conditions including ALS/MND that demand new ways to create independence and empower individuals. Peter and Francis Scott-Morgan saw a new future made possible through technology, education, collaboration, and imagination.

With our passionate coalition of trustees, advocates, visionaries, and corporate partners, we push the frontiers of accessible tech and center patients in the development of new, affordable solutions. We imagine a future without financial or bureaucratic barriers to care.

We are, as Peter once said, incurable optimists.

Today, the Foundation is completely changing the present and future of extreme disability.

We challenge technology providers—including autonomous wheelchairs, eye-tracking cameras, and brain-computer interfaces—to be truly inclusive and transformative. When they aren't, we pioneer alternatives.

We focus on affordable and accessible solutions – democratizing cutting-edge tech to deliver life-changing to the masses.

We celebrate the lives of people with extreme disabilities and the people who care about them, raising voices and building movements.

We disrupt the status-quo to provide patients with choices: What medical care could and should you have?

We guide healthcare professionals and offer alternative paths while fighting for infrastructure overhauls.

We support family members and loved ones adjusting to an extreme disability diagnosis.

We educate patients and the broader public on how extreme disabilities are not necessarily a death sentence.

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