Volunteer your expertise and deliver hope to those who need it most

There are few chances that any of us get to really do something useful. Not just earn an income. Not just do what we’re good at. Not just fulfil our organisation’s goals. But actually make a difference. Do something to be proud of. Forever change people’s lives for the better.


If you or your organisation has professional expertise in AI, BCI, VR, AR, IoT, sophisticated AAC, robotics, avatars, advanced automation, exoskeletons, autonomous driving, mobile communication, eye-tracking, healthcare monitoring, IT integration, hi-tech hardware, distributed project management, or any other skill relevant to our current research portfolio, or you think we are missing an important piece of the hi-tech jigsaw that you can bring, or you have any of the myriad skills needed to get our message out, transform opinions, change the world, or you see any other way you could help The Foundation, then we would love to talk to you about joining us as a Core Rebel. If you contact Andrew Morgan, the PA to our Chair, he’ll direct your message to the most appropriate stream leader.


You’d be joining a true Rebel Alliance. The point is, The Foundation’s work is vastly bigger than each of us. Not even any of the largest megacorporations on the planet has the diverse talents demanded by our hugely ambitious mission. But together, our growing alliance has the power to focus a rainbow of expertise into an unstoppable beacon of hope that shines deep into the future. Let’s be clear, our shared role is not to influence the future. Our role is to trigger an entire alternative future, in which AI augments us rather than becomes our rival. A future in which Extreme Disability is no longer a living death but instead becomes a passport to a whole different way of living, really living, THRIVING! A future in which we change what it means to be human.


On our current global trajectory, that is not where we will all end up – unless enough of us challenge the status quo. What’s more, the established ways of doing things will not realign without a struggle.


But if The Foundation’s future is the one that makes you feel passionate, if it’s the one you crave to help generate, the one you’re willing to fight for, to break with the past for, to become a rebel for, then…


…find a way to join us.