Share our story and join us in changing the world of Extreme Disability

Mind-blowing technology is not enough to change the future of what it means to feel trapped in your own body – we also need to change minds. We must educate. Give people choices and enough background to make their own informed decisions.


That means we need your help in spreading our story. However you can, please explain to people what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If you know individuals who might make a donation then tell them about us and make our pitch for us. If your company might sponsor us, or your colleagues might volunteer their expertise, then convince them it’s a good idea. If you’re in the medical community, then let your colleagues know that the future of Extreme Disability is changing and it’s time for previously unquestioned assumptions to be thought through from scratch. If you’re in government, begin to form a coalition of early-adopters who have the passion and experience to bring healthcare policies in line with emerging technologies of which their medical advisors may be largely unaware.


If you’re in the media, then Yes, we are always interested in talking with you. And we are happy to explore what will help you to create the story that works best for you, rather than merely regurgitates the story we would automatically tell you. All our media coverage is managed by United Agents, so your first approach should be to Rosemary Scoular:


And most importantly, if you know anyone affected by Extreme Disability, directly or indirectly, then let them know that we are fighting for them. Help them to understand that, whatever they’ve been told, and whoever told them, there is now hope on the horizon. They have not been forgotten. This is now their time.