Watch your donation transform into breakthroughs rather than disappear into a blackhole

Our commitment to you is that anything you give us will change the world of Extreme Disability faster and more visibly than almost any other donation you could make. The reason is that this is an extraordinary time to be doing our sort of pioneering research into hi-tech treatments for debilitating medical conditions, as opposed to the traditional approach of exclusively pursuing biomedical treatments. Unlike the decades of staggeringly expensive and often fruitless medical research to seek elusive cures for diseases, we are really lucky that hi-tech research like ours typically makes breakthroughs very rapidly. Of course we need both types of research. But, despite being massively funded by pharmaceutical giants and major charities, the traditional approach is by nature heartrendingly uncertain and slow.


In contrast, every two years our Foundation can harness a doubling in the power of hi-tech to remove suffering; we are guaranteed to have the means to help people faster and more profoundly than ever. However, even though we’re run solely by volunteers, and many of our top researchers are made available by their organisations for free, running our Foundation costs money. Running it fast – so our research keeps up with the explosive growth of cutting-edge technologies – costs serious money. Fortunately, we’re a great investment! So anything you donate will quickly make a visible difference. Your donation won’t disappear into a black hole – you’ll be able to monitor on this website the progress you helped make possible.


We need you. Join our rebellion against the tyranny of Extreme Disability. Make a visible difference.