Peter is an English-American roboticist. He is the foremost authority on the hidden instructions that organizations, social groups, cultures, and global systems follow that dictate how they will evolve. In 2017, he was diagnosed with MND (also called ALS or Lou Gehrig’s) and given two years to live. Far from this being a setback, he views it as an unrepeatable opportunity to conduct breakthrough research. Based on his unique insight into how Hi-Tech will evolve, he plans not just to survive – but THRIVE. For decades. And to ensure that the lessons learned can help everybody with Extreme Disability, even when caused simply by ‘old age’. To him, this research is, quite literally, the experiment of his life.


“What’s the point of cheating Death if you’re then forced to cheat on Life as well? Hi-Tech means you can really live – not just be undead!”

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan

Chair / Chief Scientist / Founder