Esther Duran

Director of Design 

and Innovation

“It’s an honour to be part of The Foundation’s life-changing research, working side by side with so many talented individuals to help those with Extreme Disability not just to communicate and survive but to thrive!”

Esther has helped businesses and organisations to innovate and transform digitally and culturally for almost two decades. Her passion for changing people's lives through design has been with her since she was a kid. She seamlessly blends physical and digital experiences, solving problems that affect usability, creating products, services and experiences that matter. Two beliefs drive her work: everyone benefits from good design and excellent user experience, and good user experience and exceptional design is always memorable, practical and beautifully simple. She speaks the truth and goes the extra mile. She believes that loyalty and empathy are more important than politics, and that collaboration is the root of great things. Equality, inclusion and diversity are her moral compass.