Baroness Jane Campbell

of Surbiton


"It should be a fundamental human right for disabled people to have the means to thrive in life, not just survive until we die. The Scott-Morgan Foundation is reaching out to new frontiers to make that possible for all who need it, and I am privileged to join their journey as Patron"

When Jane Campbell was diagnosed at the age of one with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, her mother was told she would not live beyond two. She survived, but had to fight for everything she needed to live and succeed. She hated being treated as a 'life spectator', never allowed to join in. She swore that one day she would tear down the barriers to her exclusion. Six decades later, she flourishes as an Independent Member of the House of Lords and is the UK's leading campaigner for disabled people's human and civil rights. 

Jane contacted The Scott-Morgan Foundation after watching the documentary Peter: the Human Cyborg, asking if she could help shine a light on The Foundation's ground-breaking work as it epitomized her belief and life's work that: "No matter what your medical condition, you must have the opportunity to thrive and participate fully in life."