Alun Owen

Director of Governance / Treasurer

“I’m thrilled to be part of The Foundation. We’re working together to conduct incredible research into how Hi-Tech – that already exists – can help people with Extreme Disability to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.”

When I first met Peter and Francis, Peter had been recently diagnosed with MND. We kept in touch, and as we shared views on the existing medical model of support, I realised we were in agreement. Why does it have to always end the same way? My partner died prematurely from MND, but I still think it didn’t need to have happened when it did. The medical world hasn’t yet moved on; we have tacit acceptance, almost agreement, of the outcome being death. For me, as a former Chair of the MND Association, it’s an opportunity for anyone with MND to Choose Life! When the best technology that’s been offered in the past is a riser-recliner chair, surely our Foundation can help show that a different future is possible. That’s why I’ve signed up.