Francis Scott-Morgan

Director of Care / Co-Founder

“I believe that The Scott-Morgan Foundation can be the key that unlocks those doors that bar the few from joining the many”

In 1979 I went to London and started a career working with people who had severe learning difficulties, some of whom also had physical disabilities. I was part of a growing band of people who wanted to change society’s view of people with a disability. We were passionate that everyone had the right to participate equally in our society, and not be forced to sit on the side-lines as an observer. Travelling and working with Peter over the last four decades, I’ve seen up-close how large organisations – corporate and charitable – find it near impossible to embrace major change. Thanks to their internal politics, turf wars, financial bottom-lines, or the decision makers having one foot still firmly planted in the past, so often doors to a brighter future remain firmly shut. Our charity is not internally focused. Our eyes are firmly on the horizon… And beyond.