How Human-Centric AI fits tightly with our core values

We view Human-Centric AI as key to forwarding The Foundation’s overall mission of Changing what it means to be Human. For us, it’s the most practical and direct route to our goal, so we’d want to adopt it anyway. But we’re also driven to pursue it by four of our eight core values.


We believe in Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Transparency. And so, to deliver on each of these values, we necessarily also believe in:

For Diversity – avoiding group-think and maximising creativity by embracing differences and richly various inputs;

For Equality – opening up the same chances for everyone by breaking down unquestioned barriers and discrimination;

For Inclusion – removing fear and alienation by empowering people with the right tools and education;

For Transparency – building trust and support by using clear, open, simple, accessible, trustworthy communication.

These behaviours matter because we know they dramatically enrich and vitalise the interactions between two or more people. It’s not just that they’re ‘nice’ – they work. Why would we expect this to change just because one of the intelligences is artificial?


We have to infer that such fundamentals as Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Transparency, which work so well to stimulate creativity between humans, are equally relevant to the jazz combo of humans with AI. These basics of how to interface with each other are crucial to creating a truly virtuoso performance. And they’re crucial not despite being human values; they’re crucial because they’re human values.