Cyborg Expression

This is about a true partnership between AI and Human, with the end result better than either could achieve alone.

Human-Centric AI

We’re at the forefront of formulating and codifying AI Ethics and Cyborg Rights – we have to be.

Cyborg Movement

Cyborg Movement is in fact AI taking on the near total chaos that is the real world.  

Social Change

To change the world, cutting-edge Hi-Tech alone is not enough; we must change attitudes as well.

Virtual Liberation

By the time we’re finished, whether you’re in physical reality, enhanced reality, or fully-virtual reality, will feel irrelevant.

Cyborg Wet Interface

Being unable to eat, drink, breathe or communicate are not ‘untreatable medical problems’; they’re simply engineering challenges.


Our prototype Cyborg Harness And Robotic Life Improving Exoskeleton is the beginning of a future that’s never been attempted before.

The Scott-Morgan Foundation is intent on nudging our planet’s default future away from the standard Hollywood version – where AI eventually treats us as pets or pests – toward an alternative future in which, to different degrees, we all meld with AI and Robotics to break free of any physical or mental straightjacket we find ourselves in. Overcoming the challenges of Extreme Disability is the ideal focus. Here’s what we’re researching.

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