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We are the official guardians of the trailblazing beacon of hope generated by The Foundation’s mission

Rebel Council

Meet The Team

Matthew Aylett

Deputy Chief Scientist / Director of Voice Synthesis  

Esther Duran

Director of Design and Innovation

Amanda Darby 

Director of Avatar Synthesis

The Council is our equivalent of a Board of Directors. It is the highest authority within The Foundation and is legally responsible for ensuring that everything we do is at the highest standards expected of a wholly philanthropic organisation. Our eight Directors come from widely differing backgrounds, demographics, age groups, and geographies. Many equivalent top teams are full of straight white men. We have one. He got there through merit.

Vice Chair / Director of AI

Jerry Overton

Francis Scott-Morgan 

Peter Scott-Morgan

Pat Younge

Chair / Chief Scientist / Founder

Director of Media

Director of Care / Co-Founder

Alun Owen 

Director of Governance / Treasurer

Meet The Team


Spontaneity Team

Giving AI a human voice; giving AI to a human voice




About Permobil


About Pete
Meet The Team


One small step for a Cyborg, one giant leap for Extreme Disability.


About Adam


About Avatar
About Ari


Meet The Team

Personality Retention Team

Transplanting Hollywood’s (literally) jaw-dropping special effects to the real world.

Meet The Team

Quadostomy Team

No-one had ever replumbed someone’s entire physical input/output interface. We did.

Meet The Team

Cyborg Artist Team

A fusion of human and machine that propels artistic expression into unexplored dimensions.

Meet The Team

Human-Centric AI Team

Bringing law and order to the emerging frontiers of human and AI experience.

Meet The Team

Cyborg Universe Team

Boldly going where no user-interface has gone before.

Meet The Team

Robotic Mobility Team

Generating an All-Access Pass that works for anyone, any time, anywhere.

Meet The Team

Integration Team

We make it possible for high-flying eagles to flourish while flying in formation.

Meet The Team

Radical disABILITY Team

Rebelling against the tyranny of unquestioned assumptions that define Extreme Disability.

Meet The Team

Right to THRIVE Team

Fighting for the universal human right to be allowed to both survive and THRIVE!

Baroness Campbell of Surbiton  Has been fighting

for the Right to Thrive all her life

Rebel Patrons

Lee – An award-winning stand-up comedian with a synthesised voice – personifies thriving with disability

Petros Psyllos – For his work in AI and technical support for disabled people American Forbes named Petros one of the 30 brightest young inventors in Europe

Karen Jankel – The daughter of writer Michael Bond, best known for his books about Paddington Bear.

LaVonne Roberts - A Special Envoy

LaVonne Roberts - A Special Envoy

Rebel Patrons

Meet The Team

Rebel Allies

Meet The Team
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