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Rebel Council


Spontaneity Team

Giving AI a human voice; giving AI to a human voice


One small step for a Cyborg, one giant leap for Extreme Disability.

Personality Retention Team

Transplanting Hollywood’s (literally) jaw-dropping special effects to the real world.

Quadostomy Team

No-one had ever replumbed someone’s entire physical input/output interface. We did.

Cyborg Artist Team

A fusion of human and machine that propels artistic expression into unexplored dimensions.

Human-Centric AI Team

Bringing law and order to the emerging frontiers of human and AI experience.

Cyborg Universe Team

Boldly going where no user-interface has gone before.

Robotic Mobility Team

Generating an All-Access Pass that works for anyone, any time, anywhere.

Integration Team

We make it possible for high-flying eagles to flourish while flying in formation.

Radical disABILITY Team

Rebelling against the tyranny of unquestioned assumptions that define Extreme Disability.

Right to THRIVE Team

Fighting for the universal human right to be allowed to both survive and THRIVE!

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Baroness Campbell of Surbiton has been fighting for the Right to Thrive all her life

Rebel Patrons

Lee – an award-winning stand-up comedian with a synthesised voice – personifies thriving with disability