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Contribute to our Foundation and leave your fingerprints  on the future

We can’t do this alone. We really need your help. You can make crucial contributions in three ways: by making a donation, by spreading our story, by volunteering your expertise.

Watch your donation transform into breakthroughs rather than disappear into a blackhole

We need you. Join our rebellion against the tyranny of Extreme Disability. Make a visible difference.

Share our story and join us in changing the world of Extreme Disability

Mind-blowing technology is not enough to change the future of what it means to feel trapped in your own body – we also need to change minds. We must educate. Give people choices and enough background to make their own informed decisions.

Volunteer your expertise and deliver hope to those who need it most

On our current global trajectory, that is not where we will all end up – unless enough of us challenge the status quo. What’s more, the established ways of doing things will not realign without a struggle.

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