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CES 2024 Brief Press Release

Updated: Jun 18

Global First to Empower People with Disabilities: The Scott-Morgan Foundation Debuts Hyper-Realistic AI Avatar, Predictive LLM, Smart Wheelchair, Multimodal Communication Platform, Tongue-Operated Touchpad & EarSwitch Biometric Controls 



Media Contact: LaVonne Roberts


On Jan. 9, The Scott-Morgan Foundation will unveil global firsts in assistive technology for people living with disabilities at Showstoppers CES 2024, including:

  • Hyper-realistic, AI-powered avatar from DeepBrain AI and Lenovo

  • On-device, personal LLM for predictive, generative AI from Lenovo

  • Eye-gaze tracking and AAC communication platform converging multimodal inputs, including eye tracking, ear, tongue, and wheelchair controls from IRISBOND

  • Smart independent mobility platform from LUCI Mobility

  • Circular keyboard all under an intuitive User Interface design from The Scott-Morgan Foundation

  • In-ear biometric control technology from EarSwitch

  • Tongue-operated, hands-free touchpad from Augmental


By addressing the intensive needs of people with severe disabilities—especially ALS, a neurodegenerative disease—the Scott-Morgan Foundation and their collaborators set out to solve some of assistive technology's greatest challenges to

unlock new independence for millions living with disabilities worldwide.


The work evolved with Erin Taylor, 24, recently diagnosed with ALS. Despite disease progression, Erin helps test technologies to preserve independence. Her groundbreaking avatar serves as a virtual stand-in, capturing 96% visual/audible similarity.


Currently, 2.5 billion people need assistive technology worldwide. By 2050, this number will reach 3.5 billion. By showcasing innovations that address severe disability needs, the Foundation spotlights possibilities for inclusive tech.


At Showstoppers, attendees can watch Erin’s avatar use IRISBOND’s platform to articulate text live. Video clips and additional details will be in our online Press Kit HERE post-event for those not attending. Erin will be available for interviews on her vital role in this assistive technology project. 


The Scott-Morgan Foundation is taking a patient-first approach by collaborating with pioneering researcher Dr. David Putrino and Dr. Abbey Sawyer of The Abilities Research Center at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to optimize this platform's real-world impact for people with disabilities.


With mobility and communication abilities hampered by severe disabilities, many are unable to interact with the outside world. Isolation negatively impacts safety, health, and quality of life. By presenting what’s possible through Erin’s story, the Foundation hopes to drive awareness, spark innovation, and democratize assistive technologies for all who need them. 


Additional details HERE and Quotes HERE

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