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The world’s leading charitable research body dedicated to rewriting the future of disability

Our Mission

Everyone has a right to thrive. We pioneer technology-driven solutions that empower anyone—whether battling ALS/MND or other extreme disabilities—to live joyfully and meaningfully.


Together, we mean to change everything...

Peter’s Legacy

The Foundation was born from the relentless ambition and “incurable optimism” of Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, the visionary robotics scientist who reimagined his own future with MND after diagnosis in 2017.

Supported by the steadfast love of his husband Francis and devoted family, Peter underwent pioneering surgery to prolong his life and embrace a technology-driven transformation. Peter became known worldwide as the “world’s first human cyborg,” the living embodiment of a brighter future and a beacon for countless others facing extreme disability. He launched what he proudly called a rebellion, leading by extraordinary, fearless example, and inspiring countless others.

Peter passed in June 2022 but remained fantastically driven through his final moments. The Foundation carries on his work to build a future where everyone—regardless of condition or physical limitations—can thrive.

Foundation Focus

The Scott-Morgan Foundation creates a more inclusive and fulfilling future across several key areas:

The Man Who Would Be a Machine

Peter Scott-Morgan had A.L.S. and hoped that, by using himself as a test subject, he could help the cause of others.

The New Yorker

Peter: The Human Cyborg

The extraordinary account of super-scientist Peter Scott-Morgan as he uses radical robotics, AI and surgery to turn himself into a cyborg in an attempt to overcome Motor Neurone Disease

Channel 4

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Redefining what it means to be human

What is our relationship with technology? How can sophisticated, customizable avatars change our identities? How fluid can the line be between human-centric AI and the individual?

Assistive technology

From sensitive eye-gaze tracking to powerful brain-computer interfaces, we develop integrated solutions for independence, communication, and creation.

Disability advocacy

We campaign for government and healthcare infrastructure—and the options they provide to patients— to keep pace with technological and medical breakthroughs.

Changing attitudes

Extreme disabilities are not a death sentences. We educate doctors, patients and their families, and the general public to understand how bright the future can be.

Coalition building

We bring together experts across industries—from AI researchers to elected officials—to develop unprecedented and inclusive initiatives that dismantle oppressive norms.

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